About Us

Welcome to my website. 
I am the “Beth” of Beth’s Gourmet Kitchen. 
In 2004, my best friend and I launched Beth’s Gourmet Kitchen in Toledo, Ohio by selling the cheese balls I had become known for amongst my friends at her church bazaar.  We had fun and were successful and best of all, people asked for more!
Over the next couple of years I used my background as a Registered Dietitian and knowledge of food to blend high quality spices and herbs to create dip mixes and seasonings to add to our line. Each product was taste-tested numerous times by my friends, neighbors, co-workers, and college students before the final version was produced.  All the recipes are original and most contain no salt or MSG.
Beth’s Gourmet Kitchen now home-produces 13 varieties of dip mixes that are shelf stable and easily made my just mixing in a common ingredient such as sour cream or Hellman’s Mayonnaise to make a fast, easy, and great tasting dip or spread for your family and friends.
I designed the labels for each package which contain the directions to make it, along with serving suggestions.  As an added bonus, many labels contain a special recipe for which the mix can be used in cooking an entrée or side dish.
I am happy to talk to you about my products and learn how you used them in your home.  Please feel free to email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..